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Pomme d'Ambre Black Tea Blend

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Tags: Black Tea, New, Winter

String up your oranges

And take our your budding cloves

We brighten up the home with wintry cheer

For the dark days to come

Tea Notes: Spice / Citrus / Wintry

Caffeinated Tea Blend

Pomme d’Ambre is a blend inspired by its namesake: the Pomander. The studded citrus fruit with fragrant clove was used for protection, and this blend can certainly be used to keep away the chill of wintry air and strong breezes. It is rich in flavor with black tea as a base, swirled with cinnamon and clove for warming comforting spices. Orange rounds it out with that familiar top citrus note and rosemary offers a little extra something of the wintry woods with it. Although this blend is certainly not just for winter, it is one to be enjoyed for its cozy scent all year long. Perhaps a kiss of sweetness to top it off while you enjoy.

Ingredients: black tea, rosemary, cinnamon, clove, and orange zest. All ingredients are organic. This blend is caffeinated!


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