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Widdershins Stories is a storytelling podcast delving into the darkened pathways of folklore, fairy tales, mythology, legend, and beyond. Each tale is accompanied by a sparse and haunting live composed score, setting the mood for a journey deep into the woods. Before the episode comes to an end, join both Narrator Ashley Nunez and Bard Joe Sabourin as they peer into their process and explore the importance of story.

The word widdershins means counterclockwise (the inverse of deosil or with the sun) and linguistically originates from the Gaelic word for “right.” In old tales and incantations, it whispers of things dark and fantastical. There is a lot to be said for going against the grain and looking at the world a little slantwise and backwards. So, my dear listeners, we can only encourage you to traipse around the world widdershins now and again as we delve into our wicked and wonderful realm of story and sound.

Let us begin, once upon a time…

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