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Parting the Veil Black Tea Blend

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Tea Notes: Dark / Floral / Spiced

Caffeinated Tea Blend

The October Tea Guild Member Blend:

Your gloved hand tentatively holds that of a stranger as you are led through a darkened corridor, walls draped with heavy fabric that cocoons all sounds around you. Your guide parts a curtain and a dim glow emanates from the room as you enter and are engulfed in a low hanging incense. As your eyes adjust you see a veiled figure at a round table, all seats occupied by people you can just barely recognize with one empty for you. A bouquet of wilted roses sits next to a gently smoking and curling stick of incense. The lights dim even further and your fingers splay out flat on the table and gently brush those of your seated fellow spiritualists as a thrill runs down your spine. Just at the edge of the reverent silence engulfing the room you hear china clinking as someone prepares tea for the end of the seance. A rich voice intones, "Let us begin."

This blend is rich and dark with a black tea blend, pu-erh, lapsang souchong blending together with aromatic galangal and rose petals. Clove adds a gothic twist to the blend and it all shimmers faintly in your cup with swirling glitter.

The flavors and scent will change as the tea steeps, so be sure to take some time while your brew infuses to experience the journey.



Black tea, pu-erh tea, galangal, lapsang souchong tea, rose, clove, brew glitter.

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Customer Reviews

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Sheila Dougherty
Such a pleasantly unusual blend 🌹👻🫖

This review is for my packet of “Parting the Veil” as a member of the OGA Tea Guild for the October theme “Parting the Veil”, I will be ordering a large jar of this blend for myself in the future.

It’s a little hard for me to describe this blend Parting the Veil in a few words but I’ll try my best because I really do enjoy this tea!

Right away when you brew this blend both in aroma and taste is like a smoky, almost incense like feeling to it. Not that it’s a bad thing to me in this tea, it’s an elegant drinkable kind of smoky. You have the familiar black tea notes and the other ingredients (pu-erh tea, galangal and clove) give it an earthy spice flavor. And of course there’s that soft floral with the rose petals.
This blend may not be to everyone’s tastes but for myself and those who like all these flavors it’s an enjoyable rich blend to enjoy while possibly communing with spirits or enjoying the esoteric in general.