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Sappho Red Tea Blend

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O soft and dainty maiden, from afar
I watch you, as amidst the flowers you move,
And pluck them, singing.
More golden than all gold your tresses are:
Never was harp-note like your voice, my love,
Your voice sweet-ringing.

Tea Notes: Rose | Saffron

Non-Caffeinated Tea Blend

Ode to our lovely lady of Lesbos and in celebration of sapphic love, Sappho is an effortlessly elegant blend with a rich aroma. Keeping with the colors of the lesbian flag, our red rooibos base offers a delightful steep perfect hot or iced with fragrant rose and teasing saffron. Orange peel and peppercorn round out the flavor without overpowering. Sip and simmer with this summertime delight.

The flavors and scent will change as the tea steeps, so be sure to take some time while your brew infuses to experience the journey.


Rooibos, rose, orange peel, pink peppercorn, saffron.

All ingredients are organic.


There are two sizes available: large jar (10 oz by VOLUME), and bag (roughly 1.25 oz by WEIGHT)

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew McCoy
Great color and flavor

I really enjoyed both the color and flavor of this blend. Old Growth always puts together amazing teas.

Seleno Sofia
Crowd Favorite!!!

I got this tea a while back and I came into college with one bag. I offered some tea to my friends and they chose Sappho and have no changed since. Everyone loves it and it never gets old!! I got a whole jar of it to make sure I don’t run out and everyone loves it. Highly recommend, you cannot go wrong with this one!

Sheila Dougherty
A perfect cup of tea dedicated to the poet Sappho

This blend is just down right great, the look, the smell and the taste of it is just delightful for all your senses!

The only ingredient I wasn’t familiar with in a tea blend was the saffron. While the other ingredient’s give the blend fruity & floral taste, the saffron spice adds a flavor I can only describe as earthy/honey and makes it feel like your drinking something more antique and special.

This tea blend is a delectable ode to one of ancient Greece’s great poets. 🌹