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"His Name is Ed" Black Tea Blend

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"What's her name?"

"Ed...his name is Ed."

Tea Notes: Rich & Floral

Caffeinated Tea Blend

Celebrating the hit series, Our Flag Means Death, this blend is crafted after Edward Teach, or as he is fearsomely known: Blackbeard. A dark brew of three different black teas swirls together with some yummy lavender to celebrate the softer side of our favorite pirate duo. Each jar is topped with a single red candy heart, reminiscent of the final reveal of Blackbeard's flag.

The flavors and scent will change as the tea steeps, so be sure to take some time while your brew infuses to experience the journey.



Black tea blend and lavender.

All ingredients are organic.

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Customer Reviews

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My roommates and I absolutely adored this tea

Sheila Dougherty
A Great Black Tea for the Spring & Summer

My next order after I got the “Gentleman Pirate” tea was for its companion tea blend “His Name is Ed”. I was a little nervous about the taste description, I was worried that with all that black tea it might be a little too bitter for my taste. But I was very curious and since I already had the first blend I decided to take a chance and order the other too, when it arrived in the mail and I brewed it up I was very pleasantly surprised and delighted!

Much like Edward Teach (aka Captain Blackbeard) from OFMD, this tea is defiantly strong and bold with the black tea but with the mix of (yummy) lavender in the blend it has a surprising soft floral side that brings everything together.

This is a perfect black tea to have during the spring & summer if you want something strongly caffeinated without any of the spices from the fall & winter blends. It’s really good with some sugar or cream (or both if you’re in the mood ♡).