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Wild Fairy Fruits Herbal Tea Blend - Collaboration w/ Kellen Graves

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In collaboration with Kellen Graves, author of the Rowan Blood series.

Tea Notes: Fruity / Tart / Herbaceous

Non-Caffeinated Tea Blend

In Graves' Rowan Blood series, fairy fruits are fruits dusted with fairy powder-pink and delectable with the ability to make the consumer easy to compel and dizzy with delectable hedonism. Wild fairy fruits are even more of a prize as they can compel even the fey themselves.

In this collaboration blend, hibiscus offers a tart base which raspberry leaf gently mellows. Strawberries, raspberries, and elderberries join this blend for a full fruity flavor touched with a kiss of orange. To top off our tea, the whole blend is swirled through with shimmering pink edible glitter. A brew for blossoming summer, and to offer up for your own journeys into fey territory.

This is a general release of the OGA Tea Guild themed blends. To join the tea club and receive access to the member releases when they happen, sign up for the OGA Tea Guild during the open period of the 1-5 of each month!

Want to learn more about the Rowan Blood series by Kellen Graves and get a copy of your own book to sip with your tea? Visit their website or read below for the description of the first book in the series Prince of the Sorrows:

Without an academic endorsement to make him valuable to the high fey, Saffron will be sent back through the veil to the human world. The place he was traded from as a changeling-baby, and a place he is terrified of. And while getting an endorsement shouldn't be impossible, it's hindered by the fact his literacy is self-taught, using books stolen off of Morrígan Academy's campus of high fey students.

When mistaken identity leads to Saffron learning the true name of brooding, self-centered, high fey Prince Cylvan, what begins as a risk of losing his life (or his tongue) becomes an opportunity to earn the future he wants. In exchange for an endorsement, he and Cylvan form a geis where Saffron agrees to find a spell to strip power from Cylvan's true name. While Prince Cylvan doesn't know Saffron can barely read, Saffron is determined to meet his end of the deal in order to remain in Alfidel—or, maybe, just to remain by Cylvan's side, as affections grow stronger every night they spend alone in the library together.

But as other human servants soon fall victim to a beast known only as “the wolf”, Saffron realizes he has embroiled himself in a manipulative reach for power like he never anticipated—and even Prince Cylvan cannot be trusted. Between the wolf, uncovering forbidden magic, and his growing feelings for the prince, Saffron will have to decide which is most important to him—his endorsement, the lives of his friends, or the prince’s life and wellbeing.


The flavors and scent will change as the tea steeps, so be sure to take some time while your brew infuses to experience the journey.



Hibiscus, elderberry, raspberry leaf, orange peel, raspberry, strawberry, brew glitter.

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Customer Reviews

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Delicious!! I'll be ordering again

Beautifully AMAZING

This tea is fresh delicious and my new #1 FAVORITE!!!!!!!!! It is absolutely stunning to drink in an clear cup😍

Sheila Dougherty
A Tea Blend of Juicy Fairy Fruit 🧚🏻🍓🍊

This review is for my packet of “Wild Fairy Fruits” as a member of the OGA Tea Guild for the June theme “Fairyland”.

Though I have not yet read the book series by Kellen Graves that this tea blend is based off of (Rowan Blood series is already on my ever growing “To-Read” list so I will get to it in the future) I will say that this fruity tea blend is just wonderful!

All the fruits and Hibiscus in this blend make the taste refreshingly tart and mouthwatering. If you like making your own iced tea beverages for the hot summer weather I highly recommend this blend that would make a great fruity chilled glass. 🍹


Delicious. 10/10. Highly recommend. I bought a smaller size of this and immediately repurchase the jar.


This tea? Delectable. Exquisite. Effervescent. I love that I am able to get a tea inspired by one of my favorite books. I already went ahead and purchased the big jar to last me a little longer. I’m a big fan of the shimmery quality this has when brewed. My daughter also enjoyed sharing a cup with me. Highly recommend!