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Transformation Herbal Tea Blend

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 In my own light, I glitter and shine

Changing hue as I divine

Tea Notes: Berry / Floral

Non-Caffeinated Tea Blend


Transformation is a tea blend specially crafted to celebrate trans folks. With colors pulling from the trans flag of pink, blue, and white to a tea itself that shifts from blue to pink and purple depending on how you choose to brew it. A delightful fruity berry base with blueberry, elderberry, and goji berry swirls with delightful floral notes from rose and chrysanthemum with a sweet kiss of lavender, tempered in hue with blue cornflower. Tulsi and lemon balm create a calming and comforting herbal bed for all these flavors to rest upon, a moment of peace to sip and watch the swirling and shimmering brew glitter light up your tea.

10% of all sales of Transformation will go to trans rights organizations. The organization that benefits will rotate in order to try and support as many organizations who are supporting and advocating for transgender rights as possible-in the event that sales drop off, the benefactor organization will be updated here and remain the sole recipient going forward.



Blueberry, tulsi, lemon balm, goji berry, elderberry, lavender, rose, chrysanthemum, cornflower, butterfly pea flower, and brew glitter.

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew McCoy
Excellent Tea

Arrived quickly and tastes amazing. An excellent tea that tastes great and helps to transform stressful days into restful evenings.

Sheila Dougherty
A Great Herbal Berry Tea ♡

This lovely tea blend is so tasty, it’s a wonderful brew to have during spring/summer! With all the berries and flowers in the blend it might be a little intimidating but I can assure you that it all works wonderfully together with the flavor and if you want to see it change color just add a little bit of lemon/citrus and watch the magic happen along with the edible glitter sparkling in your cup.

It goes well with sugar but if you have some defiantly use a little honey in your cup of Transformation as my recommendation.

Jean Muza
Trans Joy in a Cup!

Wow, I’m truly at a loss for words about how magical this tea is! With the most fascinating and wondrous ingredients like berries, lavender, cornflower, butterfly pea flower, and more! I implore you to watch it as it steeps, first tendrils of pink turn into a mauve that transforms into a deep violet sparkling with flashes of cerulean! Brew glitter helps you appreciate every ripple of different pinks, indigo, and maroon! A simple squeeze of lemon juice transforms it into a lovely pink! The flavor? Mouthwatering! Juicy berries splay out as floral notes dance across your palette. 10/10 One of the best and most magical teas in the world!