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Schwarzwald Black Tea Blend

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Wander through the dense thicket of evergreen trees darkening the winter sky overhead. A scent upon the air, twinging your nose-smoke from some cabin far in the distance. The dark earthy bark plays tricks on you inviting fantasies of dark chocolate curls falling into the stark white snow crunching underfoot and chilling you to the bone. A walk in the Schwarzwald.

Sense Notes: Mint / Chocolate / Wintry Woods

Caffeinated Tea Blend

Cedar and peppermint swirl with a rich earthy base of black tea and pu-erh with a delicate kiss of smoke from lapsang souchong. Bracing as a walk in the woods on a chilly day with the promise of a mug of steaming cocoa at the end-the cacao nibs in this blend round out both the flavor and mouthfeel of this tea.

The flavors and scent will change as the tea steeps, so be sure to take some time while your brew infuses to experience the journey.




Cacao nib, black tea, pu-erh tea, lapsang souchong, cedar, peppermint.

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Ashley Morhardt
Like a Breath of Winter Morning Air

Tied for my second-favorite OGA tea. Imagine walking through a bright, snowy grove of cedar trees while breathing in the most subtle hint of a nearby campfire. The mint, cedar, and smoke blend together to be refreshing and smooth without overpowering. A true morning tea that I also drink at night if I want to stay up late.


Okay, wow, I just brewed up a cup of Schwarzwald, and *it delivers*! I'm impressed, again. I don't usually like smoky teas but the balance with the other flavors is amazing.