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Boggs Holler Herbal Tea Blend - Old Gods of Appalachia Collaboration

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Settle down by the green, family, and make yourself a cup of Glory Ann Boggs' brew. Take care now, of who may come calling after dark in these woods...

Sense Notes: Woodsy | Herbaceous | Comforting

Inspired by the rich tapestry of stories and world of Old Gods of Appalachia, this blend is made in collaboration with the eldritch horror podcast! Taken straight from the roots, this herbal tea blend looks to the granny magic of Appalachia's past and the storylines from Old Gods of Appalachia Season 2: In the Pines and Build Mama a Coffin. This brew would settle nicely in the cupboards down at Boggs Holler, knowing Glory Ann Boggs' use of lemon balm in her teas.

This blend is rich and earthy, full of the good herbs of the green woods that would be found growing all over Appalachia. It wouldn't be a proper tribute to those who walk in the shadows without a twist, now would it? This herbal blend brews a lovely red, slowly taking over the cup as it steeps on like blood spilled on the green. Curious enough to stop by for a spell and take a sip?

The flavors and scent will change as the tea steeps, so be sure to take some time while your brew infuses to experience the journey.



Lemon balm, beet root, burdock root, elderflower, nettle, rosemary, and peppermint.

†local | All ingredients are organic.


By purchasing this tea, you are directly supporting both Old Growth Alchemy and Old Gods of Appalachia!

Old Gods of Appalachia is an eldritch horror anthology podcast set in the darkest mountains in the world. Our world is an Alternate Appalachia, where these mountains were never meant to be inhabited.

Long before anyone lived in these hills, beings of immeasurable darkness and incomprehensible madness were entombed here. It was during this bygone age, when the Appalachians towered much higher and more menacing than the gentle slopes and ridges we know today, that they were conscripted after a great battle to serve as the final prison for those dark forces. But of course, time marches inexorably on. Eons passed and the walls of the prison begin to wear thin. And Things that slumbered soundlessly below for millennia began to stir and become restless.

They began to call to those who would hear them.

To dig. To seek and find. To follow and serve. To keep this dark and bloody land for themselves and their masters.


There are two sizes available: a 2 oz by volume tea tin, and a 3.75 oz by volume glass jar

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Customer Reviews

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Loui Jones
A potion for comfort

I’m on my third jar of this. Drinking this tea feels like being wrapped in the embrace of nature itself. It just has this warm, healing quality to it that always makes me glad I decided to have some. However I’m feeling otherwise, this tea never fails to improve my day.


For a tea based on a spooky podcast, this tea is so relaxing. Whenever I brew some it’s the full experience: smells, tastes, and makes me feel like i’m in the deep woods 10/10 will be ordering again

KC Mars

This blend sounded strange but I still wanted to try it, and I was so glad I did because I really love it.

The Green would approve

This very earthy, minty, and honesty has a really good flavor. It will become part of my regular tea rotation.

Jon-Mark Zalapa
Like walking through the Green on a springtime day

This tea is excellent, both hot in the evening or chilled as iced tea on a warm day. Smelling it instantly send you deep into nature on a sun kissed spring day. One of my go-tos!