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Try out some of the perennial collection of teas by Old Growth Alchemy with this sampler pack. This set is for three 1 oz tins of your choice for teas to gift for a curious soul or for your own flavor exploration. Each tin offers enough of the blend for roughly two cups of brewed tea.

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Jon-Mark Zalapa
Great, but....

There are several *fantastic* tea blends described. I've found several favorites by getting the sampler and several that I didn't much care for, but that's the point, right? My only complaint is that not all of the teas are available in sample form and I hasten to spend 30 dollars on something that I don't like.

Maria F Garcia
My Name is Ed, Huskin' Bee, and Second Breakfast

I bought these three samples and I loved 2 out of the 3. The containers are small tea light sized tins and come with about 3-4 cups worth of tea assuming you only use 1tsp for loose leaf.

My Name is Ed and Huskin' Bee are right up my alley. Ed is sweeter than Huskin' but Huskin' has that warm spice that I just love in hot drinks.

Unfortunately Second Breakfast wasn't for me. It had too much of an earthy taste which I don't prefer. However, if you're looking for a black tea with a nice earthy taste then this is the one to get.

An excellent introduction

I've been a fan for a couple of years of Old Growth Alchemy now, and that love began with these sample sets. I highly recommend testing the waters with these, as the example teas are delicious and a good amount to get an idea on whether you want to invest in a certain flavor or not!

Diana Glewwe
Great sample set

The sample sizes were a great size. I can do 2-3 mugs of tea per sample. This really helped me get a feel for their teas and flavors.