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Peccatum Herbal Tea Blend

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Pour a cup of sinful delights

And let the spices and sweets

Swirl on your tongue
A treat that requires no penance

Tea Notes: Chocolate / Rose / Gourmand

Low Caffeine Tea Blend

Peccatum. Sin. Something so simple and so innocent yet treats that are innocent often secretly carry the most guilt. Let this brew leave you guilt free and deeply satisfied. Peccatum is an herbal chocolate tea blended with rich cacao husk and honeybush as a base, highly aromatic pink rosebuds and spiced cardamom blended with the final sweet and delectable note of vanilla. A treat that requires no penance.

**Cacao husks contain some caffeine, so this is a low caffeine blend but not no caffeine.


Ingredients: cacao husk, honeybush tea, rosebuds, cardamom, vanilla bean


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