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Nutbrown Draught Herbal Coffee Blend

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By leaf and root

From field and town

Before a meal or at sundown

Brew this cup of strong Nutbrown!

Sense Notes: Toasty | Rich | Chocolatey

Low Caffeine Tea Blend

And ode to the delectable feasts of Redwall and my take on an herbal coffee substitute inspired by their October Nutbrown Ale, this brew is rich and nutty with delicious chocolate notes. The cinnamon and chipotle offer a spiced swirling aroma and flavor while the dandelion root deepens and grounds the blend. Excellent in the morning or after a meal with a kiss of honey or maple to taste.

The flavors and scent will change as the tea steeps, so be sure to take some time while your brew infuses to experience the journey.

**Cacao nibs contain some caffeine, so this is a low caffeine blend but not no caffeine.



Honeybush tea, cacao nibs, dandelion root†, buckwheat, cinnamon, and chipotle.

†locally sourced | All ingredients are organic.

There are two sizes available: large jar (10 oz by VOLUME), and bag (roughly 2.25 oz by WEIGHT)

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Luxurious & lowkey coffee replacement

If you're like me and you keep caffeine intake at a low threshold, but you love rich flavors, I really recommend this tea blend.


Nutbrown Draught is the business. I've looked for a tea that evoked that flavor and sense before, but it's it!