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Heartless Man Spiced Black Tea Blend

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A heart's a heavy burden
When you're a wizard used to getting his way
Perhaps to soften the burden
You let a little magic in

Tea Notes: Sweet / Spiced / Magical

Caffeinated Tea Blend

Celebrating Howl's Moving Castle and our favorite charming wizard Howl Pendragon. A lush and delicious spiced and subtly smoked black tea blend with rich cacao, smooth vanilla, and tempting cardamom with a secret-in sunlight catch the glorious shimmers of blue in your cup! A touch of extra glamour magic for those who dare to be decadent.


Recommend infusion of 1-2 tablespoon of loose tea per 8 oz of hot water and infusing for at least 5 minutes. The flavors and scent will change the longer it steeps, so be sure to take some time while your brew infuses to experience the journey.



Black tea, cacao nib, cardamom, lapsang souchong, vanilla, and blue Brew Glitter.

All ingredients are organic.

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Customer Reviews

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New favorite!

This is one I took a bit of a chance on because I love Howl and trust OGA’s abilities even though cacao is not typically my favorite in teas, and it proved once again that the trust was completely warranted! It smells very smokey when you open the package but it’s so mellow when brewed. The no single flavor is overwhelming, rather everything blends together to create a beautifully smooth and unified flavor! It’s become my new favorite, I love it with some oat milk. It’s such a cozy tea and I cannot stress enough how smooth it is, I am so in love with this absolutely magical blend!

Flavorful Magic

I first received this blend as a gift from a friend and was sad once it ran out so I was delighted to be able to get a whole jar for myself. Just opening the jar is wonderful because of that smokiness, but also the sparkles and magic! As a lover of all things cardamom it's just a wonderful blend of flavors along with the cacao and vanilla. I'm glad it's become a permanent part of the lineup because as soon as my current jar is low I will definitely be reordering.

Smoky, delicious magic

Absolutely a delight. Old Growth Alchemy makes lapsang souchong blends like no one else. Perfectly balanced, the smokiness leads without overwhelming the vanilla, cacao, or cardamom. I would think it’s great for fans of chai teas who want to try something a bit different. It’s much less spicy than a chai, but just as intense. LOVE it.