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The Huskin' Bee Spiced Black Tea Blend

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Join us down at the huskin’ bee

For a night of frolic and festivity

As we bring in the harvest and wait

By firelight for the cold season to crawl in

Tea Notes: Sweet | Spiced | Rich | Autumnal

Caffeinated Tea Blend

The Huskin’ Bee is inspired by the whimsical and idyllic town of Pottsfield from Over the Garden Wall. A base of dark and rich black and puer teas mixes with crystallized ginger and apple pieces for a sweet and rich brew to celebrate the darkening year and harvest to come. Black pepper, allspice, and star anise give you all the familiar flavors you’d want at a harvest festival full of apple cider and pumpkin pie, maple syrup delicacies and fresh baked bread. Don your best pumpkins, bob for apples, grab a slice of spice cake, and wait for the night to come with secrets and promises awaiting.

Recommend infusion of 1-2 tablespoon of loose tea per 8 oz of hot water and infusing for at least 5 minutes. The flavors and scent will change the longer it steeps, so be sure to take some time while your brew infuses to experience the journey.



Keemun tea, apple pieces, candied ginger, puer tea, allspice berries, black peppercorn, and star anise.

All ingredients are organic. This tea is caffeinated.

There are two sizes available: large jar (10 oz by VOLUME), and bag (roughly 1.75 oz by WEIGHT)

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