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Hearthglow Spiced Black Tea Blend

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Cozy up round the fire
Stoke the embers with a loved one at your side
Or in cozy solitude keeping winter's chill at bay
And pour yourself a cup of golden decadence.

Tea Notes: Toasty | Sweet | Nutty

Caffeinated Tea Blend


Made in collaboration with Marlowe Lune, Hearthglow was based on their January Merry Blackbird Postcard Society illustration of the same name-to warm your heart and keep winter’s chill at bay. This toasty nutty brew is made with crushed praline pecans (so dairy-free and nut allergy folks be warned, this brew is alas not for you) which offer their sweet and silky mouthfeel to a dark wintry blend. Two different black teas offer their amber base with earthy chicory rounding out the roasted flavor. Rosemary offers its woodsy resinous notes that compliment the sweet spice of cinnamon and create the most scrumptious aroma. This brew is best enjoyed by the glow of a flame, so take care to keep one burning for your own light in the darkness.

The flavors and scent will change as the tea steeps, so be sure to take some time while your brew infuses to experience the journey.



Black tea, chicory, praline pecans (pecans, sugar, butter, natural flavors, caramel coloring, salt), cinnamon, and rosemary.

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Customer Reviews

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This makes teatime incredible!

This is my favorite of all the blends so far. The first steep brings out the decadent desserty flavor of the praline, and subsequent steeping brings out the piney comfort of the rosemary.

Sheila Dougherty
One of my Most Fav Blends ♡

So this was my very first tea order from OGA when this blend came out in the beginning of 2022. I first noticed it when the artist for this tea blends beautiful advertisement Marlowe Lune posted about it. I got curious and since I had a discount code for the tea from Marlowe I decided to order it along with another blend (Hexenhaus)....

Now a little over a year later and I'm an avid Old Growth Alchemy Tea consumer. Hearthglow was my gateway tea and is still one of my favorite blends from the store.

For me it tastes like drinking a warm and comfy sweet nut pastry, when you want something a little strong with the black tea but also a little soft and sweet with the praline pecans and cinnamon.

Ashley Morhardt
Warm and Welcoming

A touch of sweetness balances the boldness of the black tea. Rosemary keeps it from being a cliche dessert tea. Definitely a good choice for those who like bold, sophisticated, caramelly goodness.

Cassandra Molocea

This is my absolute favorite caffeinatated tea. It smells divine and tastes even more so.