Wild Folk Craft

Explore the wonders and mysteries of Nature in new and tempting ways. May these offerings fill you with wonderment and curiosity.



Bitters are classically known as digestive aids or for flavoring and cocktails. Enjoy these bitters as flavor curiosities to enhance all beverages from teas, to sparkling water, to mocktails, and all your mixology pursuits. Or use them with intention and explore the wonders of sense memory and power of story through your tastebuds.


Small-batch and hand blended herbal tisanes and tea blends blended around themes pulled from the pages of history, literature, and folk tales. Offering a variety of flavors and explorations into seasonally available herbs and ethically sourced spices.

Animist Reliquaries

A new look at the sacred with bioregionally sourced components to explore the mythopoetic nature of our land, the deep rooted folklore and mythos of our narratives, and offering new ways to connect with the Wild.

Sensual Ephemera

To delight the eyes, hands, and nose-the sensual ephemera offers a variety of mixed media to explore with your other senses. From salves to pins, original photography to incense. These are seasonally changing creations so catch them before they fade into the mists.


Inktober Shapeshifted Collection

Offerings of the strange, curious, macabre, and sometimes wicked. Inspired by the challenge to create imagery for the days of October leading to All Hallow’s Eve, these offerings are for the thinning of the vale. All one of a kind pieces made for the strange and unusual.