la Fée Verte Pomade

la Fée Verte Pomade


Green as a glittering gemstone,

dropped into a murky pool clouded opalescent by the full moon.

A sweet intoxication, maligned by the uninitiated.

Sense Notes:

Spiced | Green | Intoxicating

A toast, to the green fairy! This pomade is an offering to the wonder of Artemisia Absinthium, wormwood. Long misunderstood by the benighted masses, wormwood is an intoxicatingly lovely botanical. Full of all the herbs and spices you would find in absinthe, this pomade is full of a green and earth richness with a kiss of sweet spice on the top that blends beautifully with beeswax for an indulgent scent experience and deep moisturizing care for hair and skin alike.

Each tin contains 1 oz of pomade.

***Please note, there is a seconds option as in my travels a few tins were dinged up along the way. The pomade is not damaged, but it looks a little less pretty from the outside than I feel comfortable charging full price or.


Olive oil* infused with anise seed*, angelica*, wormwood†, lemon balm*, hyssop*, star anise*, fennel*, and wood nettle†. Beeswax.

†wildcrafted | *organic

- - -

This is a product of sensual and historical exploration and as such is one-of-a-kind. This pomade will never be made again, so enjoy it while it lasts!

- - -

Disclaimer: These were processed and hand blended in a space which also comes into contact with nuts, dairy, and wheat products. Use intentionally.

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