Here Be Dragons - Herbal Smoke Blend

Here Be Dragons - Herbal Smoke Blend


A thoughtful curl of smoke

prompts a question, or perhaps an invitation.

Pull up a chair and listen rapt with attention

and you may just catch a tale of dragons.

Sense Notes:

Soothing | Smooth | Cooling

This smoking blend was created out of a desire to make a blend that was truly enjoyable, not too ashy, left a pleasant taste in the mouth, and smelled a little less notorious than other herbal options. This is a soothing blend meant to be enjoyed slowly and with intention.

This is for a 3g weight amount which will come in a waxed bag that has been sealed with a wax stamp.


Mugwort†, catnip†, mint†, rosemary†, lavender, and skullcap†.

†locally sourced | All ingredients are organic.

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