Feral - Loose Incense

Feral - Loose Incense

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Something of the wildness,

rooted in familiarity:

A connection, one lost and then found again.

Sense Notes:

Earthy | Light | Grounding

A deeply earthy incense, this blend is a familiar and wild mixture to take you into the hedges and deep woods. Using whole plant material, this blend is extremely grounding and rooting and will give a refreshingly natural scent by virtue of the whole leaves and flowers.

Enjoy on a charcoal burner and let the scent infuse your home and enchant your senses.

You also have the addition of adding on a muslin bag with 5 charcoal burners to get your started burning your loose incense.


Rosemary, lavender, cedar, juniper, and rose petals.

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Disclaimer: These were processed and hand blended in a space which also comes into contact with nuts, dairy, and wheat products. Use intentionally.

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