The Metaphysical - Animist Reliquaries

The Metaphysical - Animist Reliquaries

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Animist Reliquaries - The Metaphysical Collection

And what are reliquaries? From the Catholic tradition, reliquaries were vessels which held holy relics from saints or pieces of them. Well, while I am not of that tradition, the practice and concept intrigued me. What if we see Nature as Holy? What would the relics be if not Nature themselves? Nature as an animist being or collective rather than a thing or object? That is the spirit to which I created my Animist Reliquaries and to which I shall continue to make them.

The Metaphysical collection still looks to Nature as a method of exploring larger narrative themes: these focused more strongly on energetics and ways in which we interact with ourselves and the world around us through connections, superstition, belief, and practice.

The Self-Love reliquaries are filled with thistle down for delicacy and softness and rose petals for adoration. The larger reliquary has rose hips for abundance and yarrow for personal boundaries. These combine to remind us to take care of ourselves, give ourselves patience and love and cultivate healthier and more nurturing ways of being. Large reliquary sealed in silver wax.

The Abundance reliquary is filled with pyrite for wealth, rose hips for abundance, vanilla bean and saffron threads for riches and decadence. For monetary wealth and growth, the rose hips stabilize the wishes and gifts of the pyrite and spices. Sealed in golden wax.

The Witches Flight reliquary is an ode to the recipes of traditional witches flying ointments and lore and history of witchcraft. A base of juniper and bay laurel infused salt blended with crushed labradorite for grounding and mysteries layered with black and white salt. It is topped with mugwort and wormwood-traditional artemisias offering their dreaminess and slight intoxication with the more sinister datura pods and seeds. Feathers top it all off as a reminder of why these elements have gathered. Sealed in forest green wax.

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Please note, these descriptions of lore and history are for educational and informational purposes only and are not intended to offer spiritual guidance, advice, or suggestion.

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