The Familiars - Animist Reliquaries

The Familiars - Animist Reliquaries


Animist Reliquaries - The Familiars Collection

And what are reliquaries? From the Catholic tradition, reliquaries were vessels which held holy relics from saints or pieces of them. Well, while I am not of that tradition, the practice and concept intrigued me. What if we see Nature as Holy? What would the relics be if not Nature themselves? Nature as an animist being or collective rather than a thing or object? That is the spirit to which I created my Animist Reliquaries and to which I shall continue to make them.

The Familiars collection was created as a way to connect with the lore around witches familiars. The animals and creatures we love and adore who offer us guidance and support.

Avian - Flight : This reliquary is filled with found feathers to connect with the spirit of flight in all forms of avian creatures. No two reliquaries are the same so please note you may not receive the one depicted.

Avian - Corvid : Quoth the raven, “Nevermore.” This reliquary contains black found feathers plus a small scroll of typewriting with the very words of the raven upon it.

Feline : What is more iconic than the cat? This reliquary contains catnip, fur, and nail trimmings from a feline familiar near and dear to me. Gathered without harm or stress on my furry companion, the trimmings offer a more tangible connection to go with the clarion call of the cat’s favorite weed!

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Please note, these descriptions of lore and history are for educational and informational purposes only and are not intended to offer spiritual guidance, advice, or suggestion.

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