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The Gate Black Tea Blend - Collaboration w/ Allison Carr Waechter

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Brew a cup at your favorite local cafe, and take a brief respite from the troubles outside your window.

Tea Notes: Citrus / Aromatic / Lavender

Caffeinated Tea Blend

This tea has been made in collaboration with author Allison Carr Waechter to bring the cafe of Nea Sterlis with all its scents and sights to life from her latest book, Beneath the Alabaster Spire. An aromatic and rich brew, this blends lavender and lemon peel with the bergamot heavy earl grey, with a touch of herbaceous sweetness from linden. An indulgent blend with some of everyone's favorites.


Want to learn more about Beneath the Alabaster Spire by Allison Carr Waechter and get a copy of your own book to sip with your tea? Visit her website or read below:

Harlow Krane and Finn McKay have been trying their best to enjoy their seaside summer in Nea Sterlis. As they fall deeper in love, surrounded by their friends and family, that should be easy.

But as the summer begins to wind down, it’s clear that the problems they left behind in Nuva Troi have followed them to the beach. Between the paparazzi and the elder Illuminated, someone is always watching Harlow and Finn—recording their every move. As a storm of rebellion brews in far-off Falcyra, new secrets about the Illuminated are revealed.

With tensions mounting, Harlow and Finn must become the storm to survive what’s coming for them. Their love will be tested beyond their wildest imagination. Just how far will they go to save one another?


Recommend infusion of 1-2 tablespoon of loose tea per 8 oz of hot water and infusing for at least 5 minutes. The flavors and scent will change the longer it steeps, so be sure to take some time while your brew infuses to experience the journey.



Earl grey tea, linden blossom, lemon peel, and lavender.

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