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Full Moon Rose Flower Essence

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    Made under the Strawberry Full Moon


    Flower essences are the delicately captured energetic essence of a plant. They are a magical energetic tonic meant for spending time deepening your connection to the botanicals themselves. 

    Rose petals were plucked from a positively bursting rosebush under the Strawberry Full Moon and left to charge overnight in spring water under the light of the moon. The water was then combined with brandy to make the mother essence and from there, 13 drops of the mother essence was added to each bottle to create this lunar charged flower essence ready for your use.

    Take a few drops under the tongue to spend some time with the lush abundant magic of summer roses and to meditate on what it has to say. Perhaps it will speak to you words of self-love, perhaps abundance. Perhaps it cautions you to keep your soft petals tightly budded and your thorns sharp, or perhaps it is time to let your petals open for the enjoyment of yourself and others.

    Only you and the rose will know. Enjoy exploring together.


    Water, brandy, and rose flower essence.

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