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Ex Libris Obscura Flower & Lace Crown

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An exquisite collaboration made with Sparrow Spite for our Ex Libris Obscura releases. Sparrow has contributed a beautiful golden piece of tatted lace which has been added to a dried botanical flower crown made of flowers and eucalyptus. The antique gold lace peeks out from behind the sprays of black and red, offering the subtlety of its regal nature to those who care to see more than first meets the eye. Chains drape from the sides dripping with precious stones and glass beads to frame the face and offer some eye catching adornment right at the ears and skimming your collar bones.

This crown is being sold at a special price to offer you a delectable treat for the autumnal equinox.

Please note, this crown is made with real flowers and thus some shedding of petals is normal and to be expected. This is intended to be worn, displayed, and used delicately.