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Darkling Bitters

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What lurks in the darkness?


Blossoming from the bitter first blush into steady devotion

to the curious whisper of warmth and sunlight at the edge of dusk.

Flavor Notes: Dark | Strong | Spiced

Darklings are creatures and creations of night-seductive and tempting despite, or perhaps due to, their darker nature. Let these bitters invite your shadow to come out and play. These are the closest to the classic "true" bitters you'd find on the market. Bitterness from gentian hits you first and foremost but fades quickly to the softer and rounded bitterness of dandelion root. The warmth of ginger and orange zest invite you to take another drop as the cacao offers up its rich and sensuous flavor accented with toasted fennel seeds.

Bitters make a lovely flavor addition to seltzer drinks, herbal mocktails, cocktails, or as a unique sense experience! These bitters may also be used as a classic digestive bitter with a few drops on the tongue. Each bottle contains 1oz of liquid.


Alcohol infused with roasted dandelion root*, cacao nib*, toasted fennel seed*, gentian*, fresh ginger*, and orange zest*.


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These bitters were small-batch processed and hand-blended. These bitters are a special blend and one of the few items that will be recreated and kept as a consistently crafted item because of it's unique character and rich flavor.

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