Posted/Printed as the Food and Drink Feature on February 27th in Seven Days (based in Burlington, VT)

"Kingsfoil Salve is one of the products you'll find on the Etsy store for Old Growth Alchemy, a Burlington business specializing in herbal bitters, teas, botanical syrups, incense, body oils and cordials. The ointment, with a base of olive oil and beeswax, sounds self-explanatory: It's made from a plant called kingsfoil, right?

Nope. Kingsfoil doesn't grow around here, and Old Growth Alchemy owner Ashley Nunez, 25, crafts her products from leaves, bark, needles, cones, stems and roots she harvests in the nearby woods and fields. "I use as much local, wildcrafted material as possible," she says. "Almost everything I use, I've harvested myself. I'm focused on place." "

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