Day 9 - Cabinet of Curiosities - Reliquary Set

Day 9 - Cabinet of Curiosities - Reliquary Set


Day 9 of #inktobershapeshifted : Cabinet of Curiosities

For Day 9, we look to the world around us. In a way, I consider most of what I make to fall into this category so it was an interesting sort of flex to actively try to make something within this theme. I chose do to a selection of 5 small vials filled with variants of the wonders and curiosities both of the natural and human-made worlds. A vial filled with the thorns of a thistle, a vial filled with a purple fern and selenite, a vial of rose hips and green glitter, a vial of small white and blue flowers, and a final vial of crushed fall leaves. Place this in an area you frequent and be reminded of the wonders that exist all around you for they are endless.

#inktober or #drawlloween for those unfamiliar with the concept, occurs each October. It began with some artists posting prompts and took off and now many different prompts exist: new themes for each day for artists all over the world to offer their interpretation! I loved the concept, but as I am not a visual artist by way of pen, ink, or brush, I decided to make my own version I am calling #inktobershapeshifted: using the prompts to create my own offerings for the month around given themes. The themes chosen are from Manière Noire’s #noirlifestyleprompts and I am very excited to keep posting them throughout the month. These creations I offer to you are one of a kind, created specifically for each day and theme. I sincerely hope you enjoy them and will treasure them as I enjoyed creating them!

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