Day 7 - Ritual - Bitters & Recipe Kit

Day 7 - Ritual - Bitters & Recipe Kit


Day 7 of #inktobershapeshifted : Ritual

For Day 7, we will have a little fun. Every October, I have my own rituals of things I do (apple picking), more recently places I go (Salem, constantly), music I listen to (psychobilly), and of course movies! One of the classics is Practical Magic and the midnight margaritas scene is one of my favorites. So I thought I’d think to the idea of alcoholic beverages being a kind of propellant into ritual and the fact that I use this movie (and as such scene) as a way to welcome in the season to make this a bit of a ritual. The margarita includes my Oceanus Supra bitters and plenty of good salt. This particular listing includes 3 distinct items: a bottle of the Oceanus Supra bitters, a recipe scroll for my own Midnight Margaritas, and a small vial of salt either for casting protective circles…or rimming margarita glasses. Oh, and I’d strongly discourage picking up bottles of tequila left on your porch, and remember to always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder.

#inktober or #drawlloween for those unfamiliar with the concept, occurs each October. It began with some artists posting prompts and took off and now many different prompts exist: new themes for each day for artists all over the world to offer their interpretation! I loved the concept, but as I am not a visual artist by way of pen, ink, or brush, I decided to make my own version I am calling #inktobershapeshifted: using the prompts to create my own offerings for the month around given themes. The themes chosen are from Manière Noire’s #noirlifestyleprompts and I am very excited to keep posting them throughout the month. These creations I offer to you are one of a kind, created specifically for each day and theme. I sincerely hope you enjoy them and will treasure them as I enjoyed creating them!

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