Day 6 - Hand of Glory - Herbal Sachet

Day 6 - Hand of Glory - Herbal Sachet


Day 6 of #inktobershapeshifted : Hand of Glory

For those who are unfamiliar with this subject, Day 6 takes an occult turn. The Hand of Glory was the right hand of a male hanging victim, plucked while still fresh from the gallows, then packed and pickled in salt, saltpeter, and long pepper. Once dried, it was then either seen as a clenched fist with candles betwixt the fingers or the fingertips were set alight. It was said to be used by those who would rob homes: the fingers lit to put a strong sleeping spell upon the household and if one of the fingers blew out or wouldn't light, the robber would know not all in the home were asleep...

Being fresh out of pickled corpse hands, I opted for a less gruesome option for this day's prompt. The drawstring bag you see pictured is filled with hops, chamomile, and lavender. It's own kind of sleep charm sealed in red wax to offer a small enchantment for deep dreaming.

#inktober or #drawlloween for those unfamiliar with the concept, occurs each October. It began with some artists posting prompts and took off and now many different prompts exist: new themes for each day for artists all over the world to offer their interpretation! I loved the concept, but as I am not a visual artist by way of pen, ink, or brush, I decided to make my own version I am calling #inktobershapeshifted: using the prompts to create my own offerings for the month around given themes. The themes chosen are from Manière Noire’s #noirlifestyleprompts and I am very excited to keep posting them throughout the month. These creations I offer to you are one of a kind, created specifically for each day and theme. I sincerely hope you enjoy them and will treasure them as I enjoyed creating them!

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