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Mortar and Pestle Lunar Pin

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    The mortar and pestle: a tool for transformation which I still actively use to grind spices or powder resins. The lunar cycle spread across the mortar: a reminder of the change of seasons and cyclical nature of things; knowledge lost and regained. Rosemary sprigs encircling the tool for alchemy: a symbol of remembrance, of working with the past and a dedication to those knowings so they may never be forgotten. In my main logo, there are also stands of pines behind this design: harkening to the namesake of old growth forests. A reminder for me of forests I visited a while ago in Scotland and the way the trees long trailing with lichen and age enchanted me-an enchantment I aim to bring into my work.

    This is a soft enamel pin, 1.25in, designed by Dave Mahan Illustration as the logo for Old Growth Alchemy from its inception.

    Enjoy this pin and adorn your life with some magic.