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Yuletide Simmer Pot Spices

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At the stove to bubble and boil

While we sit by the fire after days of toil

Raise your feet and your glass too

While the yuletide simmer pot cheerfully stews

This simmer pot is not a mulling spice blend, if you are interested in mulling spices for consumption, please visit the Wassail listing. This is for a simmer pot-an aromatic brew to have simmer away on your stove to offer its comforting aroma and home clearing and warming properties. With warming spices and cleansing herbs, this is an excellent brew to bring on the winter spirit and make your home a little more merry and bright.

Take 1-2 tablespoons of spice per quart of water and heat on the stove until simmering. Keep simmering  until the water has almost evaporated. For extra room cleansing, add a few tablespoons of salt. For additional robust scent, add some fresh orange and apple slices. Enjoy the warming aroma as the aromatic steam travels through your home. Do not leave unattended.



Cinnamon, bay, clove, fennel, nutmeg, orange, apple.


NOTE: This simmer pot blend and simmer pot application is NOT for consumption.