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The Wild Hunt Perfumed Balm

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The Wild Hunt stalks

Wintry death whispering through the pines

As frost take over, so sharp and beautiful

Soothe your wind whipped winter skin with this perfumed skin balm. Made of deliciously rejuvenating sweet almond oil and beeswax, the scent is sharp and crisp. Inspired by the ravenous Wild Hunt from The Witcher, this blend is sharp as a winter morning. Fresh sap crystallized on the tree in the icy air which steals the warmth from your breath. A bite of citrusy-green amidst the frosted needles, almost peppery to the nose.

This balm is not as heavily scented or quite long lasting as a normal perfume, but it will envelop you in its delectable scent and bring you on a sensual journey from the moment the balm melts into your warm skin.

This is a 1 oz tin.



Sweet almond oil, beeswax, essential oils of pine, elemi, opoponax, peppermint, cedar.