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Choose Your Adventure - Reliquaries

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Choose Your Adventure- which path will you take? Perhaps a reliquary can guide the way?

Ancient Forest - Lichen and moss found on the forest floor topped with the smallest rosebuds and gold and copper leaf. Layers of detritus and treasured things, waiting to be dug up. What can you learn between the layers?

Forgotten Library - Old scrolls and old bones between the leaves and lichen. Forgotten by time and memory, but knowledge for the taking for a cunning traveller.

Abundance - Gold and wheat-the foundations of a world rest upon their shoulders. What can you make with these building blocks of life?

Lost Love - Ink stained letters and crushed rose petals. Thorns of forgotten briars and rusted nails. Spurned love or forgotten to time? Reflections waiting to be scryed among the tattered remnants.

Eve's Whispers - What did the serpent speak and how did the first blossoms look with sight unclouded? Take a moment with this charge of snakeskin, rose petals, and crystal points to ponder.

Ocean's Promise - Salt kissed whispers on the air. Crushed shells and seaside yarrow, kelp and shimmering sparkles reminiscent of sea foam. For the magic under waves.

Sun Drop - Bright cheery yellow petals and golden glass baubles. Delicate wings and gold leaf. Like a ray from the sun fell into the bottle and was captured for endless delight.

Moon Dew - White downy leaves and silvered mugwort, shimmering flecks of glitter and crystal points. The light of the moon squeezed into the bottle to keep the silvery glow with you always.

Serpentine - Shed from a serpent familiar, to ponder your own changes and shedding of self. What sort of skins do you keep and what can be released?

Use reliquaries as an altar piece, a collection for your curio cabinet, or a way to channel intention during rituals.

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Please note, these descriptions of lore and history are for educational and informational purposes only and are not intended to offer spiritual guidance, advice, or suggestion.