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The Bitters Suite : February *Pre-Order Ended*

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Welcome to The Bitters Suite

The Bitters Suite is a new monthly bitters club where you can join in for an opportunity for a truly unique experience. Each month, pre-orders will open on the New Moon for a week where you can pre-order bitters whose theme and flavor will change with whimsy and with the seasons. The themes will come with their own flavor and sense notes to tempt you into joining and renewing each month. 

February's theme is: Middle Earth

Flavor Notes: Verdant | Woodsy | Herbaceous

Take a step into the realm of Middle Earth with me as we wander our way around Fangorn forest, get to know the ancient trees and their caretaker Ents, and take a sip from the cool clear waters trailing from the Misty Mountains down into the Entwash. This bitters blend harkens to those lofty trees and rejuvenating draught with a strong focus on woodsy and herbaceous green flavors. A perfect toast for the coming spring and to shake off winter's chill with each drop from the bottle.

Are you curious?

Here are the details:

-This pre-order is for a 1 oz bottle of bitters made exclusively for this club. If you miss out on the pre-order it is unlikely you will be able to experience this blend for yourself as it may never be made again. 

-The pre-order will be open for 1 week each month, at the new moon (with a clause here that if the pre-order begins to exceed capacity to fill orders it will close) at which time the blend will be made to order.

-The package will be shipped out within the following week after the pre-order window closes (before the full moon) in hopes it arrives in time. Alas, I cannot control the post office so it may arrive later depending on where you reside.

-If you are planning on ordering other items from the shop, please place them in a separate order or they will ship when this blend does.

-This listing is slightly higher in price than normal bitters due to its exclusive limited run nature. It will also come with a small memento curio vial that captures some of the essence of the theme.