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Remnants - Goblin Box & Curiosity Bundle

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Take care when you wander the woods

You never know who may be leaving a trail

To lure you deeper down the paths

Offering only the chance to puzzle out what remains

Made in collaboration with Apple Jack, we offer you a chance to revel in your goblin selves with the magic and wonder of a goblin box! Trinkets from the trash, shiny baubles picked up from here and there, gifts from the woods: all these and more are within each goblin box. Let your curiosity be your guide as you piece together what stories you can tell from your box. Each one is a mystery and there's no knowing what you've got till you take your first peek.

Inspired by a photo shoot with Joey Phoenix Photography, this collaboration is celebrating the melancholic and the fey. A story of a changeling lost in a world that is not theirs, left to piece together what remains to bury the past and build a new life. A fairy parent burying a child to wander the woods forevermore. Or perhaps it is a cheeky magpie tale? Why it's all up to you to decide.

This bundle contains:

  • 1 unique Goblin Box of curiosities by Apple Jack
  • 2 oz Remnants tea blend by Old Growth Alchemy
  • 1 lustre 4x6 print from Remnants photo shoot with Joey Phoenix (see images)
  • 1 original small illustration by Apple Jack
  • 1 unique pocket reliquary by Old Growth Alchemy
  • 5 high resolution digital downloads from Remnants photo shoot

Important note: each bundle is different and will only contain the digital downloads and tea tins as the same items. Each box, reliquary, illustration, and photo is different so you could order two and get slightly varied offerings! That's all part of the fun!


Let's chat a bit about the blend, shall we? A smoky earthy blend with the aromatic and lingering sweetness of roses. Deep and brooding that keeps you wanting more.

Remnants tea blend contains: Pu-ehr tea, black tea, burdock root, lapsang souchong, and rose petals. This blend is caffeinated.

Curious enough to take a bundle from the goblin's hoard?