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Philtre Bitters

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 Can I interest you in a love potion?

Flavor Notes: Jammy Fruit / Chocolate / Spice

Inspired by descriptions and depictions of love potions without any of the nasty side effects. Philtre is a blueberry and chocolate bitters blend with a jammy apricot base and some delectable additions of black cardamom and tarragon making for a simultaneously herbaceous and spiced wine-like blend.


Bitters make a lovely flavor addition to seltzer drinks, herbal mocktails, cocktails, or as a unique sense experience! These bitters may also be used as a classic digestive bitter with a few drops on the tongue. Each bottle contains 1oz of liquid.


Alcohol infused with blueberry, cacao, apricot, black cardamom, tarragon, and gentian.


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