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Mushroom Hunter Bitters - Celestial Chanterelle Bottle Variant

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Pluck the fruits of the forest

Growing at your feet

Sit beneath the mossy oak

And much on this earthy treat

Flavor Notes: Earthy / Resinous / Sweet

These bitters smell like a rainy day tromping about in the woods peering under sodden leaves for delightful mushrooms cleverly concealed from the eye. A true treasure for the ever adventurous mushroom hunter, this blend was crafted to celebrate the gems of the forest and the artistry of the collaboration between Old Growth Alchemy and Knock Thrice! Sweet and maple-like candy cap and earthy chanterelle mushrooms mesh with rich pu-erh tea and swirl together with the green resinous notes of pine and sweet fern, darkened by gentian. The taste and fragrance is a mix of light and dark, much like the dappled lighting of the woods and would be an absolute delight in any cocktail or mocktail as these are extremely versatile.
Each bottle contains 1oz of liquid.
This variant is for the celestial chanterelle bottle handcrafted by Knock Thrice! Enjoy the bottle and gorgeous modeling clay artwork long after the bitters are consumed as a potion bottle for your own concoctions or as a small vase for delicate blooms. The artistry on the bottle alone is enough to admire in a cabinet of curiosities long after the bitters have come and gone.
**SECONDS AVAILABLE** one bottle had a wee bit of an accident and the lovely cloud came off. Otherwise the mushroom, moon, lovely details, and bitters are intact but we are selling it as a seconds. Only one is available and it is still absolutely darling and wants a good home. Will you be that home?



Alcohol infused with chanterelle mushrooms,

white pine*, sweet fern*, candy cap mushrooms, pu-erh tea, and gentian.

* denotes wildcrafted ingredient - All ingredients organic.

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These bitters were small-batch processed and hand-blended. These bitters are a limited availability item and will not be made again so snatch it up while you can.

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