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Have you ever wondered

how to bottle a memory?

Relive a place down to the

briny harsh air or the dark and earthy loam?

The sweet warm taste of pollen tickling your tongue

from a cheerful day spent in a meadow

or the melancholic bitter tinge

and cold feel of a barren landscape?


This is an offering for the truly adventurous and the decidedly curious. There are many ways to recreate a memory, an emotion, a moment: and I would love to work with you to do just that. Your own little potion to take as a tool of remembrance and a unique sensual experience. Custom made just for you and never to be recreated.


What would a custom creation look like? Some previous ones I have done are:

  • Elixir for Lycanthropy- a bitters created for a very special private birthday celebration, researched and crafted based on herbal lore, historic accounts of werewolves, and botanical research in to the bioregion of Estonia to create a blood red herbaceous bitter addition to a celebratory drink.
  • Accompaniment to album releases/music. Bitters crafted in partnership with musical artists to captured the feel of their pieces so that listeners would have a full sensory experience (taste and sound).
  • Bitters based on D&D characters and LARP personas-what is the character like, what are their inspirations and preferences?
  • Wedding anniversary/gift bitters based on cherished memories and locations from the couple’s past together. Based on snippets of poetry, hikes in the woods, favorite flavors and drinks. 

These will be created from tincture bases made from alcohol and depending on your end goal will either be straight alcohol infusions or can have the addition of honey, syrup, or other sweetener. The end result will be a 2 oz bottle of your personal tonic crafted from locally sourced, organic, and wildcrafted ingredients and packaged in a thematic way to give you (or whomever you may gift this to) a full sensory experience.


This custom creation will require some lead time depending on the ingredients desired. I have a large array of flavors in my personal apothecary to pull from, but more exotic and unique requests can be procured given enough time. Allow 2 weeks for your custom order to be completed and ready to ship. If you would like a custom creation, please contact me before purchasing this listing so we can discuss your idea and ensure that it will be possible.

If you could craft your very own potion, be it bitter or sweet, what would you create?

Customer Reviews

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a wonderful, collaborative experience!!

the custom bitters that I had received is simply beautiful and is a perfect, one of a kind flavour. OGA helped me dedicate the bitters to the ancestral witches in my family, alive and departed. it was amazing to work with you and hopefully we can create another brilliant bitters again in the near future 🔮


The custom bitters you made were absolutely perfect. I gave it to my spouse on our anniversary last weekend, and he loved everything about it- from the packaging to the poem to the flavor itself. You do really fantastic work, and it made a meaningful and magical gift.


I cannot tell which I love more the Forest Shadow or Offering. I gave OGA what kind of tincture I was looking for from their Patreon, and I couldn't be more surprised or pleased. Both are diverse & rich and exactly the notes/flavours I was looking for. It is astounding that you can ask this wortcunning artisan for something smokey & soothing and they can instantly know what you're asking for and craft it with such exactness. All of their blends are a marvel and an investment in your self care.