As the wheel turns.

Since the unveiling of Old Growth Alchemy this past autumnal equinox, I have been busy at work straining tinctures (and putting some more up), straining vinegars, mixing oils, pouring salves, blending incense, and concocting all sorts of botanical goodies.


As I mentioned over on my Patreon page (where I post a lot of my updates), I am focusing right now on honing in exactly what Old Growth Alchemy is, refining my craft with words to back up the practice, and trying out this whole business world which is new and shiny. So, if you had been peeking over at the shop page, you'll notice that I changed the words "coming soon" to a more definitive arrival of the online shop being set for the vernal equinox!

This is assuming I still have product, of course, because in other good news for all you local folks- I will be jumping on some VT and/or MA local fairs and events to sell OGA items to you in person! I'd much rather have the personal interaction anyway to begin, so stay connected to my social media accounts and sign up for the newsletter for the most up-to-date schedule of where I'll be!

If you can't wait until I show up at an event or if you don't live locally, you can always become a patron and sign up to receive monthly gifts of my creations as well as a host of other personalized goodies like recipes, poetry, research, or other writings and findings- particularly Widdershins!

Widdershins is a monthly newsletter, arriving each new moon, which acts as a lovely missive containing brilliant research and readings to get you deeper down the path of herbalism, foraging, folk magic, and so much more. A contribution of as little as $1/month will get you this information (or if you previously purchased Old Growth Alchemy products). 


I aim to post more frequently on here as the slowness of winter settles in with its chilly blankets and blank canvas. It has been far too long since I have set pen to page (or fingers to keys!).

Pssst...if you are on Instagram I have been posting product previews in my story and will continue to do so as they are created!

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