A Year and a Day

There's something about certain numbers that make you stop and think. In fairy tales it may be the number three or seven or variations thereof-but what about the might behind a year and a day? In many esoteric traditions, you must be an initiate for a year and a day before moving to the next steps along your path. It also is tied to legal practice and other kinds of contractual agreements or obligations to signify a full span of time served and completed. 

As we come to our year and a day of lockdowns associated with the global pandemic, how can we use this lens for reflection? We have all been in a period of great transformation-a gestation of sorts. A prolonged collective trauma and mourning without end. It does much to a person, to say the least. This isn't going to be like many of the undoubtedly numerous think-pieces that will come out this month. I am not so full of hot air or self-importance to think I can really contribute to this dialogue as all that. Yet, continuing with our themes of stories and some of my previous writings on Finding Connections in Altered Landscapes and Liminal Fatigue, I thought I'd turn my mind to the subject and offer some musings.  

We are, all of us now, changed. 

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