Oceanus Supra Bitters

Oceanus Supra Bitters


Hear the lapping of gentle waves

As they play against wooden ship and rocky shore.

Offering a game of salt and sand

Hinting at the possibility for more.

Sense Notes:

Citrus | Tea | Brine

The beginning of our couplet- Ode to Oceanus. Oceanus is the Greek Titan of the ocean, more powerful, elemental, and ancient that the well-known Poseidon. The couplet begins above-Supra. With a kiss of sea spray from dulse and kombu, this bitter is given its body by assam tea and burnt sugar as a nod to the history of the seafarers of old in their great ships, any of which were made of pine which is included in this blend. The aromatics and slight astringency of lime comes through acknowledging many of the troubles sailors faced with a life at sea their eventual need for a daily dose of citrus to keep their health up lest they be delivered to the depths. A bitter for the sea.

Bitters make a lovely flavor addition to seltzer drinks, herbal mocktails, cocktails, or as a unique sense experience! These bitters may also be used as a classic digestive bitter with a few drops on the tongue. Each bottle contains 1oz of liquid.


Alcohol infused with white pine†, milky oats*, assam*, kombu†, dulse†, lemon thyme*, burnt sugar*, gentian*, and lime zest*. Water. Lime juice*. Sea salt†.

†wildcrafted | *organic

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This bitter is small-batch made, handcrafted, and uniquely one-of-a-kind. This blend will never be made again, so enjoy it while it lasts!

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